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Post-Tour Update, New Music

August 24th, 2014

As you can see, our website has been revamped in preparation for the release of the "Primeval Sattelite" MLP on Dark Descent Records. You can (pre)order it here and you can listen to a new track entitled "Wolf Hound Bitch" here.

Our recent tour of the east US and Canada was nothing short of a huge success. We would like to give eternal gratitude to all the promoters we worked with, bands we played with, and fans who went nuts for us at every show. Big cheers to Signature Riff for their hard work at getting all the American dates lined up for us, these guys are the real deal.

We have a couple more shows lined up for Edmonton this year. After that, we'll be hard at work on our next album. Plans have been set in motion to get us down in the US again, this time we're looking to hit up the Rocky Mountain states, Texas, and the west coast. Email if you can help us with anything.

Primeval Scourge Tour MMXIV

April 5th, 2014

BEGRIME is proud to announce that we'll be touring the midwest/east USA and Canada in support of our upcoming mLP, "Primeval Satellite."

Current scheduled dates for us are as follows (click the date for an event page):

4/19 - Edmonton, AB (Rock Against Easter) @ DV8 w/ Chapel, Trajeto De Cabra, Fornication, The Weir, Tarantuja
5/21 - Edmonton, AB @ DV8 w/ Haggatha, Bridgeburner
5/31 - Regina, SK (Filth Fest) @ The Club w/ Lavagoat, Druidus
6/14 - Kamloops, BC (Trashin Fest) @ Backwoods
6/20 - Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social Club w/ The Rope, Maledicere, The Funeral and the Twilight, Prostate
6/21 - Milwaukee, WI @ Quarters w/ Neon Hole, Anthropic, Slaves
6/22 - Chicago, IL @ Live Wire Lounge w/ House of Atreus, Ritual Decay, Imperial Savagery
6/23 - Fort Wayne, IN @ Berlin Music Pub w/ Ptahil, Ritual Decay
6/24 - Cleveland, OH @ Club Atlantis w/ Sulfuric Blood
6/25 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Howlers Coyote Cafe w/ Wrought Iron, Post Mortal Possession
6/26 - Wilmington, DE @ Oddity Bar w/ Putrisect, Wojtek
6/27 - Brooklyn, NY (Martyrdoom Fest) @ Saint Vitus Bar w/ Mournful Congregation, Imprecation, Geryon
6/28 - Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar Tavern w/ Mournful Congregation, Prosanctus Inferi
6/30 - Worcester, MA @ Ralph's Rock Diner w/ Mournful Congregation, Hell Militia, Lord Mantis
7/01 - Montreal, QC @ Death House
7/02 - Toronto, ON @ The Comfort Zone w/ Adversarial, Nuclearhammer, Into Oblivion
7/04 - Winnipeg, MB @ The Windsor w/ Putrescence, Flash Out, Entity
7/05 - Saskatoon, SK @ Vangelis Tavern w/ Chronobot, Moosifix, Necrophilic Cunilinguist


March 16th, 2014

We have been hard at work on new material for some split releases. The recording sessions are almost complete. We will reveal these songs live, and eventually they'll be released (the nature of splits are often very slow when it comes to release dates).

The Primeval Satellite 12" will be out this spring on Dark Descent Records.

We will be playing in Brooklyn, NY as part of the third edition of Martyrdoom Festival, alongside many great international and domestic acts in late June. We have a lot of other great shows lined up, including an Edmonton show on March 29th, a Regina show on May 31st, Kamloops on June 14th, and a handful of others across the US and Canada to be announced.

Lastly, we've had a line up change since our last update. Bassist T. McClelland has parted ways with us, and has been replaced by the very man he replaced, A. Rintoul. Rintoul played bass on our first EP and album, and we are thrilled to have him back in BEGRIME. Additionally, vocalist B. Leland is no longer part of the band. The vocalist spot will naturally be taken over by guiarist D. Orthner, as he has fronted the band on the last handful of tours we've done.

Begrime Exemious 2014 is:
D. Orthner - Vocals & Guitars
F. Thibaudeau - Guitar & Vocals
A. Rintoul - Bass
L. Norland - Drums


October 11th, 2013

BEGRIME has finished playing live shows for 2013. We'd like to thank everyone who came out or helped make these shows successful. This year was our most active yet, and we've encountered a lot of great bands and folks out on the road that we intend to stay in touch with. Throughout 2013, we executed 22 shows throughout 14 different cities in the US and Canada, and we will definitely be hitting all of these cities up again as we can. The variety of bands we've been able to play with is astounding in itself, and has really energized us as a band to write new material.

For the next while, we will be locking ourselves up in our studio to develop new material for some upcoming splits and for an eventual third full length. If any labels are interested in releasing or co-funding a split, drop us a line at for details.

Finally, we are already booking a tour for next summer, which will take us to the eastern parts of the US/Canada in late June/early July. Promoters in these areas are encouraged to contact us at See you maniacs in 2014!

Tour Successful - More Shows and Updates

August 10th, 2013

Our west coast tour was a HUGE success. Thank you to everyone who was part of it, whether you booked us, played with us, gave us a place to crash, or just came out to a show. We will definitely be back in the US next year. We have some upcoming dates listed below:

August 30th - Regina, SK @ The Club w/ Autaric & Desecrate Scripture
August 31st - Winnipeg, MB @ The Zoo w/ Wilt & Entity
September 1st - Saskatoon, SK @ Rock the Bottom w/ Necrophilic Cunilinguist & Druidus

September 28th - Edmonton, AB @ DV8 w/ Hoopsnake, Tarantuja, FTL & Vitriolage
September 29th - Calgary, AB @ Olympic Billiard & Bar w/ Hoopsnake

We released a tour tape that features re-recordings of songs from our first album and first demo with our current line up. These are almost entirely sold out, so be sure to grab one from us at one of the above dates. It is available here at our bandcamp for streaming and free download, so if you missed out or don't have a tape deck, you can still listen to it.

The "Wasteland of Damnation" EP is currently at press and test presses have been approved. We are anticipating these for mid September. The "Primeval Satellite" MLP will be out later this year.

Finally, we are in the process of reprinting our "Chasm to Obscurity" t-shirt (seen here) as most sizes are currently sold out. We still have hoodies with this print available in large and extra large. We have a bunch of logo tshirts (seen in the above picture) for cheap. Email for any merch needs. We'll be setting up the merch page on our bandcamp store shortly for easier access to our merch. Longsleeves are being printed now, and a reprint of our patches as well.

West Coast Tour 2013 and Other Dates

April 6th, 2013

BEGRIME is in the process of booking our first shows on American soil this summer. We also have several other dates throughout Western Canada.

April 26th - Edmonton, AB @ DV8 w/ Savage Streets & Morbis Infernus
April 27th - Saskatoon, SK @ Lepp's w/ Narcissistic, Chronobot & Druidus
May 17th - Edmonton, AB @ DV8 w/ Death Assembly
May 31st - Edmonton, AB @ DV8 w/ Autaric & Desecrate Scripture
June 15th - Caglary, AB @ Lord Nelson's w/ Autaric, Fornication, Reverend Kill & Ted Bundy

June 29th - WORDLESS INVOCATION FEST - Edmonton, AB @ The Pawn Shop w/ Mitochondrion, Ritual Necromancy, Auroch & Dire Omen

WEST COAST TOUR 2013 - Click Here For Poster
July 3rd - Edmonton, AB @ DV8 w/ Messiahlator & Detroit
July 4th - Kamloops, BC @ LBH w/ Palantir, Dioxin, Ohmwood & Countess
July 5th - Vancouver, BC @ The Astoria (Pre-Fastcore Fest) w/ Osk, Bridgeburner, Ahna, Detroit, Violent Restitution
July 6th - Victoria, BC (looking unlikely)
July 7th - Squamish, BC @ TBA
July 8th - Olympia, WA @ The Trackhouse w/ Vanguard, Perfect Bombs
July 9th - Eureka, CA @ The Ink Annex w/ Bio Crisis, Fractal
July 11th - Portland, OR @ Slabtown w/ Ritual Necromancy
July 12th - Seattle, WA @ The Highline w/ Old Skin
July 13th - Kamloops, BC @ The Dirty Jersey w/ Hand of the Horsewitch

August 2-4 - ZOMBIEFEST 2013 - Lethbridge, AB @ Moose Lodge w/ Disciples of Power, Putrescence, Exit Strategy, Kataplexis, Death Toll Rising, Reverend Kill, Quietus, Autaric, Savage Streets, etc

More dates will be announced as information becomes available. Please contact if you can help us out in any way (promoters, places to stay, food, bands, anything!). See all you filthy fucks then!

Primeval Satellite 12" MLP

April 6th, 2013

Dark Descent Records will be releasing our "Primeval Satellite" MLP this summer. Featuring 5 new songs and a cover, it is sure to be our most crushing release to date, all within 30 minutes. It was written and recorded in the fall months of 2012 by ourselves.

1. Entrails & Barbed Wire
2. BXH-42 Transition
3. Silent Observer Older Than Earth

4. Wolf Hound Bitch
5. Bloodworms
6. Nuclear War (Nuclear Assault)

Line Up & Credits:
B. Leland - Vocals & Lyrics
D. Orthner - Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Mixing
F. Thibaudeau - Rhythm Guitar
T. McClelland - Bass, Mastering
L. Norland - Drums, Whispers, Engineering

D. Thomsen - Artwork
T. Grieco - Layout

Samples will be available soon. For the time being, check out a re-recordings we did during the same session.

Wasteland of Damnation 7" EP

April 6th, 2013

We will be releasing a new 7" EP this spring on FUEL INJECTED RECORDS from Calgary, Canada entitled "Wasteland of Damnation". We wrote and recorded these tracks throughout Jan/Feb of 2013.

1. Armageddon's Whore

2. Beyond the Threshold of Oblivion
3. Stellar Stillbirth

Line Up & Credits:
B. Leland - Vocals & Lyrics
D. Orthner - Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Mixing, Layout
F. Thibaudeau - Rhythm Guitar
T. McClelland - Bass, Backing Vocals, Mastering
L. Norland - Drums, Engineering

D. Thomsen - Artwork

The A side is streaming on our bandcamp.
Pre-Order From Fuel Injected Records